Voice Search SEO

"Hey siri! where’s the closest petrol station to me?"

Voice search can be summed up by the following statement/question.

Hey Siri! Where’s the closest petrol station to me?

That, in a nutshell, is what voice search is. Ask any AirPods user. Or any owner of a device that has Amazons Alexa or Google Assistant, and they will tell you how it has become more prevalent in their day-to-day lives.

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"These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results."
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So why is voice search seo relevant?

For years companies have built their websites based on traditional keyword strategies alone. But since late 2019 many of those companies have suffered a drop off in search results. Why?

BERT! No, not Ernie’s mono brow touting mate from Sesame Street, but the Google “Natural Language”Update from Q4 2019. 

You see, the AI that produces your search results has traditionally struggled with the English language. And the way we tend to use it. Which is why it has been so dependent on ‘Keywords” over the years. Consider the statement “I’m going to the Bank”. Now, as humans, we can make assumptions about that statement. Such as, that person was talking about a home loan earlier in the day, therefore they must be referring to the sort of bank that provides home loans.

But if we take the same statement in isolation with no other context, it becomes a little more confusing. It could be that we are off to the river bank to go fishing. Or, we could be going to the bank to deposit some money. Either way, if you apply that scenario and the nuance the English language throws up, you can start to appreciate how hard search can be. We also get some insight into exactly how much potential information there is for a keyword based question. 

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Andy & Grant at Don are awesome to deal with. They took the time to listen and come up with a tailored solution for us. And Andy always call you back!!!
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The team at Don is totally level experts that genuinely want to help your business.
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We are a family run motor company in Christchurch and have just recently had don design and build us an online platform. We gave don "free reign" and after a few lenghty discussions don delivered us the perfect website for our business. The don guys listened to all our requests and since it's been live it feels like we are their number one customer even though we are a small company in the large scheme of things
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These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results.
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The team at don are fantastic! They got my site up and running. Fast, efficient, and honest to deal with! Highly recommended

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