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"Sir I have been visiting your website often and...."

So, we’ve all had that email from some foreign chap/company claiming to be SEO specialists, promising the world. Or, first page rankings at least…

Some of us have even made the mistake of giving these “expert SEO Specialists” money only to see no result. Or, even worse, negative results…. Right before they disappear –  just like your website……

While that style of SEO Specialist is generally pretty dodgy, the good news is SEO can be done and done well.

Don Creative - Digital Agency
"These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results."
Steve and Phil
Commercial Mirror and Glass

Albany Canada? or Albany Auckland.....

Local SEO specialists

It’s not always easy to get to number one organically in New Zealand, and it’s even harder to get to number one in the world. That said, it’s not always necessary to get to at that spot. See, Kiwi’s tend to search using their location. As an example, you might search “landscape design”, then realise that you have been presented with sites from around the world and not the local ones you might have needed. As a result, you might search “Landscape Design Auckland” because you need to refine it to your area. That in a nutshell is what “Local SEO” is all about.

That’s why localised on-site SEO is a must, especially in New Zealand, where Google tends to struggle with our location. Like most folk from the USA they seem to think we are part of Australia…. That’s why “local SEO” is a must if you want to be found when you Google your own name or appear when you search your service by local area. Which is usually a good start…

Here at don, we like to talk to you about your business and look at what makes the most sense for you and your industry. Then we figure out where you might like your customers to come from. It’s little use getting phone calls from South Africa if you’re a plumber in Queenstown.

Des HanesSouthern Business Machines
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Andy & Grant at Don are awesome to deal with. They took the time to listen and come up with a tailored solution for us. And Andy always call you back!!!
Lena SabinQuadant Resilient Partners
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The team at Don is totally level experts that genuinely want to help your business.
Blair ButlerButler Motor Company
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We are a family run motor company in Christchurch and have just recently had don design and build us an online platform. We gave don "free reign" and after a few lenghty discussions don delivered us the perfect website for our business. The don guys listened to all our requests and since it's been live it feels like we are their number one customer even though we are a small company in the large scheme of things
Steve & PhilMirror & Glass - Christchurch
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These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results.
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The team at don are fantastic! They got my site up and running. Fast, efficient, and honest to deal with! Highly recommended

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