Digital Advertising

Get in front of the right people. Right now.

We live in a world where you can put your product in front of thousands of people. And it will cost less than a half page ad in the yellow pages did in 1998.

How, you ask? Well, the key difference between search advertising and traditional media is that the person sought out your product or service to begin with. So, you only pay for the people who are in the market. Not the entire market.

Digital advertising allows us to put your product or service in front of people who are or have shown interest in it TODAY.
How can we do that? With tools like Google Search Ad’s we can place your Tyre’s (or what ever you’re into) in front of people who are looking for them at that exact time they search for them!

And with our advanced website tracking, we can tell you if how many of your clicks led to genuine inquires!

What a time to be alive. Take that 1998.

Don Creative - Digital Agency
"These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results."
Steve and Phil
Commercial Mirror and Glass

Google ads management

We’re proud to be an official Google Partner.

The partnership tells you that we know what we’re doing when it comes to search and shopping advertising. 

Google Ads are particularly strong in the services sector. In fact, we would go so far as to say they are unrivalled in their ability to produce leads. 

With don managing your Google Ad’s you’ll be so busy we’ll have you begging us to turn your ads off, so you can go on holiday.

Track the results

How many leads did your ad’s generate? Or more importantly, how much money did your ad’s make for you? 

They’re the only questions we ultimately care about, and without tracking, there is no way of knowing the answer to that question. 

Every campaign we undertake is tracked and reported. When you receive your report, you will know where your budget was spent and exactly what the results are.

The average report contains how many phone calls were generated, and when and also how many forms we’re submitted. That way, we can train Google’s algorithm to provide more of the good stuff. 

Steve & PhilMirror & Glass - Christchurch
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These guys are the real deal. After years of so-called online agency's taking the piss, these guys cleaned up our online profile and delivered results.
Lena SabinQuadant Resilient Partners
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The team at Don is totally level experts that genuinely want to help your business.
Blair ButlerButler Motor Company
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We are a family run motor company in Christchurch and have just recently had don design and build us an online platform. We gave don "free reign" and after a few lenghty discussions don delivered us the perfect website for our business. The don guys listened to all our requests and since it's been live it feels like we are their number one customer even though we are a small company in the large scheme of things
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The team at don are fantastic! They got my site up and running. Fast, efficient, and honest to deal with! Highly recommended
Des HanesSouthern Business Machines
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Andy & Grant at Don are awesome to deal with. They took the time to listen and come up with a tailored solution for us. And Andy always call you back!!!

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