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Digital Advertising

OK, confession time. Here at don we have a bit of a love hate relationship with advertising. We love to help people get their cool things seen online. But we hate that you’re missing out on all the fun. Today, yep, right now, we live in a world where you can put your product in front of THOUSANDS of people and it will cost less than a half page ad in yellow pages in 1998. Think about it, you could show your awesome things (website, product or stuff) to people who are looking to make a decision about that thing – NOW. How amazing is that! What a time to be alive. Take that 1998.

google and youtube ads management

google ads + Youtube

To have the ability to put your brand where it needs to be AND track whether its making you money or not is truly the stuff of the future. So maybe its time to be part of the future? don can get your product or website found online in a sea of competition. You'll be so busy we'll have you begging us to turn you ads off, so you can go on holiday.

social advertising

Ever been chased across the internet? don can help you with that. Like it or not those ad's in your Facebook and Instagram feeds do work. Be honest, you've clicked on them yourself. So why not be the one getting the clicks? Facebook and Instagram can put your story or product in front of the right audience, and in minutes. We've helped some amazing people share their stories and products. Let us help you share yours today.

social media advertising Christchurch and Auckland
social media advertising Christchurch and Auckland

social media management

Maybe we should do more with our (insert social platform here). We hear it everyday. You know you need to do it, so why don't you? don can take the hassle out of managing your social mediums. Get your message out to the people you need to see it and make sure it is consistent. It's not as hard as you might think. Ask us how we can make you more awesome at social.