Website Management

Hey! Your website looks amazing now that don manages it!

Too often websites are neglected as companies are busy concentrating on what they’re good at. At don we say great. You keep doing what you’re good at and we will do the hard stuff on your website for you.

Companies often build their website then leave them. As a result they often don’t reflect the changes that happen regularly within companies. These changes are usually positive and people visiting your website are more likely to engage with you if the know what you get up to. 

Think about it, when you are looking to learn about a company, be it a product supplier or service provider. What is the first thing you do? You google them. Look at their website, and often judge them accordingly.
So the question begs…

Would you buy off your company based on your website?

If the answer was no then that’s where don can help. New or old we can manage and maintain your website so that its consistently looking fresh and clean.

let don take care of your online profile with one of our website management plans.

That way you can focus on fixing teeth, sending people to space. selling dogs hats or what ever it is you’re good at.

Content Updates

Keeping it current

With don on your team, managing your website has never been easier. All you need to do is let us know whats happening and whats coming up. Then we will ensure that anyone who visits your site knows all about it. It’s like having a staff member who knows how to make your website sing! Except, we don’t take sick days or need a ham at xmas time. Ham Is good though.
Your days get busy, we get it. But that doesn’t mean your website gets neglected. Search engines thrive on great content updates and this is how the world finds you.

Security / Technical Updates

Keeping it online

Sometimes things happen on the internet, its a fact of life. When we take over your website management, we take control of your website appearance and it’s security. Leave it to us to make sure that everything in the back end runs as its supposed too. don makes sure your google maps and other on site applications such as re-capture are up to date so that they work with the latest browsers.

When we manage your website you can relax knowing you are secure and things are working as they should. Because today we absolutely judge a business by their website. First impressions count, so get counting!

Technology Updates

Don't forget your protection

The internet is a fast moving place. When don manages your website for you, you’ll know your at the leading edge of industry design and trends. We will put forward the latest developments so you stay ahead of the opposition. It’s kinda like having your own formula 1 mechanic working from your home garage. Or a fashion designer living in your closet………

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