The SEO Trap

The SEO Specialist trap –

If you run your own, or someone else’s business then there is a very good chance you have received that email. In fact, you probably  get them every day. You know the ones, they go something like this;

Hello Dear,

I have reivwed your website and I can provide a report telling you what needs to be done better.  I have an 8 years of experience in SEO expert field. & I have done lots of projects very successfully. If you want to promote  your sites. Then i can provide you guaranteed 1st page result for your sites in month for any keywords of your site. I write google algorithm and provide best service. 

blah blah blah. SEO Specialist 

You may have noticed there is some spelling mistakes in there. I copied and pasted this from the last email I received so you can’t blame me for this one.

What you may not have noticed is the massive amount of bullshit.

You see these SEO Specialist emails are our industrie’s equivalent of snake oil. What makes this tricky is that in some cases the snake oil works. You see, the folks behind these emails are often large scam organisations that are looking to sign you up to a month to month plan that you pay with….. Yip, you guessed correctly – your credit card. Now you might think that when it comes to these SEO Specialists that this is the worst that could happen. Well, I am afraid to say you are wrong on this one.

You see the way these “SEO Specialists” often work is to list your website on a swag of different directory sites globally. They then send their online army to click on the link. This “tricks” google into thinking that people all around the world think your site is useful to them and in turn it promotes your content to its customers (people searching for your service).

So Andy, what’s the catch?

This sounds great, we trick google, get some traffic happening and BOOM! Top of the search for our related keyword. No harm done right?

As our old mate Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “let off some steam Bennett” or maybe “wrong” is the relevant quote, but you get the point.

The long version of the answer is here on Google’s super helpful webmasters answers section. Here they clearly tell you “don’t do that” (Andy’s helpful short version).

So what happens if they catch you. Well the answer is you will be banished to the bowels of the internet. As an example, if you made it to page one of Google search results using the a fore mentioned SEO methods then you can expect yourself to be found on page 1,397 after you get caught – and you will get caught.

See, here’s the thing about SEO.

Let’s say you’re an Auckland Plumber. Our mates at Google will expect that the vast majority of folks visiting your website will be from Auckland, or at least from New Zealand. Makes sense, right? So, when they see that heaps of your traffic comes from Brazil, Bulgaria, India and Zimbabwe they will become somewhat suspicious. It might take them a week to work it out, or maybe a month. Heck, it might take them a year to work out what your “SEO Specialist” has been up too. But they will find out. And when they do, your valuable asset (your website) will be banished to internet hell (FYI, not too many folks visit online hell).

Now, I hate pooping on parties……

So here’s the good news when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. It can work, and it can definitely help your business when done well.

And guess what? Your mates at don do SEO well. We can talk you though several of our clients’ journeys and explain how “white hat” SEO techniques work. We have some fantastic stories to share and we would love to help you too.

You can chat to your pal’s at don here  about what can be done. Don can get you found in a crowded online world.

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