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OK, confession time. Here at don we have a bit of a love hate relationship with advertising.

We love it, but we hate that more people aren’t taking advantage of the online tools available today. 
See, for the longest time it’s been near on impossible to gauge how effective your advertising spend was.
Let’s look at the good old yellow pages. In 1998, it would cost the average Tyre Shop $35,000 -$50,000 for a half page advert.
After that you just had to hope someone would pick your page…… And hope that your nearest competitor didn’t spend $75,000 on a full page ad.
Then there was TV. Nothing better than showing your product to 100,000 people right!? Noting wrong with that right? Well, there is something wrong with it. See, with TV all that could be said for certain was that someone was watching. From there, you had to hope that they might be interested in your product.
This kind of thing worked for fishing shows. Because, if you are watching a fishing show then, well, you probably like fishing.
The problem with TV advertising really starts to reveal itself with our Tyre shop owner. Now you could argue that anyone over the age of 16 who owns a vehicle is a potential customer to Mr Tyre guy.

But, are they? On that day and at that time? Probably not. At least $40,000 for a prime time spot on the telly is quite a lot of money to spend. With little more than HOPE that the right people would see your ad or brand AND need tyres.
So in summary, this is where we don’t love advertising.

Now lets talk about why we love it and where digital advertising works.

Today, yep, right now, we live in a world where you can put your product in front of THOUSANDS of people. AND it will cost less than a half page ad in yellow pages in 1998.
Think about it, you could show your awesome things (website, product or stuff). To people who are looking to make a decision about that thing – NOW. How, you ask. Well, the key difference between search advertising and traditional media (aka push advertising). Is that the person sought out your product or service to begin with. SO you only pay for the people who are in the market. Not the entire market. So to relate this back to our Tyre Guy, we need to make sure when someone Google’s “Tyre Shop Near Me”. Our Tyre Guy is the number one option. 

Digital advertising allows don to put your product or service in front of people who are or have shown interest in it TODAY.
How can we do that? With tools like Google Search Ad’s we can place your Tyre’s (or what ever you’re into) in front of people who are looking for them at that exact time!
With our advanced website tracking we can tell you if how many of your clicks led to genuine inquires!

What a time to be alive. Take that 1998.

Google Ads Management

Own the space your customers search for services or products

We’re proud to listed as an official Google Partner. To have the ability to put your brand right where it needs to be. AND track whether its making you money or not, is truly the stuff of the future. So maybe it’s time to be part of the future? We have a long history of helping businesses understand Google Ads and ensuing that it works for them. 

Google Ads are particularly strong in the services sector. In fact, we would go so far as to say they are unrivalled. Also, Google Ads are the perfect partner to a strong SEO strategy

Don’t delay, don can get your product or website found online in a sea of competition. You’ll be so busy we’ll have you begging us to turn you ads off, so you can go on holiday.

Social Media Advertising

Stay in front of everyone

Ever been chased across the internet? Like it or not, those ads in your Facebook and Instagram feeds do work. Be honest, you’ve clicked on them yourself. So why not be the one getting the clicks? Facebook and Instagram can put you in front of the right audience, at the right time. We’ve helped some amazing people promote their stories and products. Let us help you share yours today.

Get in touch on the form below and let’s put you in all the right places with the perfect Digital Advertising strategy for your business.

Digital Advertising
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