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Website Design. We love it. It’s the main reason we get to meet so many interesting people and learn about what they do.

We’ve designed websites for many amazing people all across the country. Some MASSIVE brands and some one-man bands.

Often neglected and under invested your Website Design is one of the most important assets relating to your business today.

Your Website’s Design is often a potential customers first point of contact with your business. So for that reason alone investing in your website should be right at the top of your list when considering your annual budget.

Google tell us that you have about 50 milliseconds – 0.05 seconds. For someone browsing the internet to make a decision about whether they will stay or leave. With that knowledge would you stay on your website? Does your website tell someone exactly what you do when they arrive? 

If the answer to the above questions about your website’s design was no, then you need our help.

Let’s have a look at how don can help you get you online ship, ship shape….

WordPress and Woocommerce

We've been doing it since ages ago

It’s no secret that we use WordPress 90% of our website designs. We are often asked why. Well the answer is simple. 

  • It’s super easy to use (especially when paired with Elementor Pro).
  • Search engines love it! It’s common to see WordPress websites in the top three results in a Google search.
  • Its really popular and well-supported. At the time of writing WordPress was the content management system for 30% of the top 10 million websites on the internet. Impressive.
  • WooCommerce – WordPress’s e-commerce platform is used by 22% of the world’s online stores. That makes it the largest online platform in e-commerce today.

Don, are experts in both WordPress and WooCommerce. One of our owners (Grant) has been working with WordPress since 2003, so you know he IS an “expert”.
Make your time online successful with don and WordPress. Get in touch today and let’s see if we can work together to improve your Website Design and get your Website providing results for you!

Mobile Device Optimization

What's that in your pocket?

Today there isn’t much to say on this one, it’s an absolute must have.

When we consider your  initial Website Design, we build it with your customers experience in mind. Given that 80% of initial online searches are made on a mobile device. We think designing your website for mobile is a pretty good place to start. As we said earlier you don’t have a lot of time to impress someone. A slow website is seen as a sign of a slow business. So its absolutely crucial that your website is optimized for phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Fast loading, and responsive to the vast amount of screen sizes on the market today. 
Weather is an online store or a simple brochure don can make sure you look sharp, regardless of the device. 

X Rated Website Design

Let's make it look gooood

Website Design is one crucial aspect to showing the world what you do in a clear manner. So why should you get don to build yours? Well we like to find out about you and your company first. Then when we design your site it will be an accurate representation of whom you really are. We love meeting new people and helping them get their ideas out into the wild for the world to see.

Don are experts in online communication and can guide you through the website design process with ease.
Talk to us about showing off your awesomeness.

Some of our Recent Website Design Work.

Website Design Auckland
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