The Don Creative Resolution

Over the next wee while this is where I will be sharing some of my thoughts and stories. So what better place to start than how we don creative came to be.

Last year we (Grant and I) decided we would give don the respect it deserves and make it happen. It took Seven years for this idea to become a reality but in 2018 the time was right and here we are. Many a latte was sipped in Ponsonby as Grant and I discussed the best way to to help folks with their online requirements. We both worked within digital industry and there was a side project. But we knew we could do more to help if we went full time.

It’s been a huge amount of fun and we have met and helped some amazing people along the way. If you are been one of them, thank you. Without you don wouldn’t exist.

If you have met me there is a good chance you have heard why we decided to name the new business don. You see,  don in Spanish means sincerity, something that the online world can lack on occasion. In Italian it means leader. My personal favourite is here at urban dictionary For Grant and I its the cornerstone of our business so the name just made sense. It also helped that it happened to the nick name we have had for each other since we were young, and the URL was available…… Also Grant didn’t seem to think would make for very good email addresses.

Now, I am not normally one for New Years resolutions. I believe that your goals should never be held to a calendar rotation. If you want something you just start doing it then and there regardless of the month.

But, to honor the tradition, we here at don creative have made the life time resolution to continue our sincere approach. And to continue to be leaders in a sometimes less than sincere industry.

If you’re looking to partner with a team of people that will help you get what you want for the online world. I can say with sincerity, you my friend are on the right website. You can see some of the people just like you that we have helped here.

If you reading this and you are already working with don creative then thanks again.

Let the good times roll




don creative

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