WordPress Hack Cleanup Service

Has your WordPress website been hacked?

If your website is loading a blank page, redirecting to a casino or trying to get your customers to buy some viagra it is more than likely some nasties have found their way into your site files.

If you have a website the reality is that you are under constant attack from hackers. You may struggle to understand why these baddies spend time attacking websites, but they do, and unfortunately it’s a part of being online. 

Wordpress Hack NZ

If this has happened to your WordPress site get in touch ASAP, and we will  get you back up and running with our WordPress Hack Clean-up service. Website hacks are becoming more and more common as hackers search for weak points in their relentless search for private data. 

Grant, our WordPress expert has been building and developing WordPress websites for over 10 years, (yes before most people had even heard of WordPress) and has helped many people clean up and resolve hacked issues.

Acting fast is important as a hacked site can have major impact on your Google search results and if it’s not fixed fast it will only get worse. 

After resolving any issues we can help put things in place so this won’t happen again and continue with ongoing maintenance / monitoring if required.

Help me with a WordPress Hack Cleanup

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