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What is SEO and how can don help you with it?

Hi! It’s Blah Blah Blah emailing about your SEO.

So, we’ve all had that phone call or email from some foreign chap/company claiming to be SEO specialists promising the world. Or, first page rankings at least…

Some of us have even made the mistake of giving these “expert SEO Specialists” money only to see no result. Or, even worse, negative results…. Right before they disappear – with your money.

While that style of SEO Specialist is generally pretty dodgy, the good news is SEO can be done and done well.

First, we need to understand the term. SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Traditionally the goal has been to get into the first section of the organic results within a search engine such as Google. But today with Google Ad’s, Google My Business and Google Maps those positions tend to be further down the page than they have been in the past. Often the 1st organic search result is actually the 6th or 7th result on the page.

So what we provide is what people are generally looking for – to be found online. Once upon a time, the answer to this was easy. Ranking in the top couple of search results on the first page of  Google was as simple as some quality backlinks and a few Keywords with some smashing unique content. But, those days are gone. Today it’s much harder to manipulate the organic search results and there is an argument to say that your industry may not even benefit from it.

Also, in today’s Ad’s dominated marketplace, ranking number one in organic is not the quickest fix… And again, you might only be 7th?

If we roll back the clock a few years, the SEO practices plied by the original SEO Specialists (the original version of it) was paramount to being found online and when most companies talk about SEO this is exactly what they are talking about. In our opinion if this is your only approach to getting found, you will get found. Found wanting that is. 

As we mentioned above, today we have a raft of different options from Google “My Business” to “Google Ad’s“. These two options can be combined with a strong organic SEO strategy to make sure you are dominating all areas of the available online real estate for your industry and not just the “Organic” section.

Local SEO Specialists

Albany Canada? Or Albany Auckland.....

It’s not always easy to get to number one organically in New Zealand and it’s even harder to get to number one in the world. That said, it’s not always necessary to get to at that spot. See, Kiwi’s tend to search using their location. As an example you might search “landscape design”, then realise that you have been presented with sites from around the world and not the local ones you might have needed. As a result you might search “Landscape Design Auckland” because you need to refine it to your area. That in a nutshell is what “Local SEO” is all about.

That’s why, to start with, localised on-site SEO is a must, especially in New Zealand, where Google tends to struggle with our location. Like most folk from the USA they seem to think we are part of Australia…. That’s why this is a must if you want to be found when you Google your own name or appear when you search your service by local area. Which is usually a good start…

Here at don we like to talk to you about your business and look at what makes the most sense for you and your industry. Then we figure out where you might like your customers to come from. It’s little use getting phone calls from South Africa if you’re a plumber in Queenstown.

How do you get do you get found online?

Hello, I'm over here - lets talk

We start with your My Business Profile then we move too on board website SEO. This is so often ignored, and is often the cause for websites not being found. Without it, search engines like Google have no idea what your site is all about. We ensure that all the right places on the internet know where you are and what you are all about.

Don't believe the hype - but don't be put off

Come-on, fight fair - keep it above the belt

It’s tempting to believe that there is some magic trick that just makes you appear at the top of Google. You will often hear stories of people who can “trick Google” or have “mastered the algorithm” or “can get the best backlinks”. Simply put, its usually “bullshit”. Sure you can trick the system and maybe get yourself into prime position in a few weeks or months but what people are not so quick to say is that if Google finds out you have manipulated the system to gain advantage they will banish you to the bowels of the internet and your website to never be seen again.

Don’t panic, 1st page rankings are 1000% achievable without breaking Google’s rules. 

For some that might mean a few weeks for others it can be a longer journey. Ultimately, using all the tools at our disposal, don can get you results short term and long term. 

SEO for WIX or Squarespace

WIX is amazing - If you're American

No doubt these platforms are really easy to build great looking websites on. The problem we face here in New Zealand is that they are hosted in the USA. Not only that they have a limited amount of tools available to really cut through in a competitive search term. 

When we’re often asked about WIX or Square Space websites. The complaint is usually the same. Person builds good-looking website on one of the afore mentioned platforms. A year later and it’s still not appearing in search. As we stated above these platforms are great but limited in their potential.


SEO for Voice Search


Either Grant or Andy could answer that question but the scenario is becoming more and more frequent. 

Hey Alexa, play “you can’t touch this by MC Hammer”!

Sound familiar? Click here to learn more about voice search and more importantly – what it means for your business. 

Need help with your SEO?

Don’t worry, don has you covered.

We have successfully helped many business with this common problem. Contact us on the form below, and we will get in touch and help you build a plan that will get you found online. 

Seo Specialists
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