Setting up a mail account using IMAP

To setup a mail account using the IMAP protocol, please configure a new account in your preferred email client with the following settings:
Account type IMAP
Account username Your full email address (e.g.
Account password Your password setup by us
Authentication method Normal password (Plain)
Incoming mail server address
Incoming mail server port 993
Incoming mail server security SSL/TLS
Outgoing mail server  SMTP Server =
Port 465
Please note the username and password will be exactly the same as the settings for your incoming mail. Ensure your mail client is configured to use authentication on outbound mail.
Security Settings SiteHost uses SSL encryption as a standard on email traffic. This protects your login credentials and the contents of your emails as traffic is exchanged between the mail server and your local email software. Ensure that you have configured your email software to use SSL in the account settings.
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