Digital Revolution


Its 2019 and you’re still complaining about these kids playing video games.

Maybe I can help. As a parent I was once where you are. We have all said it or heard it “YOU’LL NEVER GET A JOB PLAYING VIDEO GAMES”. While this may have been somewhat true 10 years ago, today it could’t be further from reality.

Let your old mate Jonesy explain.


Last year the world championships for League of  Legends (a video game) was watched by nearly 99.6 MILLION people. That’s more than the NBA playoffs and the World Series of Baseball combined. It’s fast approaching Superbowl numbers (114.4 million in 2015) with estimates predicting it will surpass Superbowl in the next year. Also worth noting, the finale of Game Of Throne’s was watched by 16 million people.

That’s the world championships for just ONE video game.

The prize money was set at $4.2 million dollars and grows with each season. Half of this was funded directly by fans.

This was just the final, the regional series were all streamed as well.

Have a look at the numbers for yourself here. 



Right now as I type there’s a bunch of people watching people play video games on a platform called Twitch. Amazon (yes $1,656.58 per share amazon) purchased the platform in 2014 when many had never herd of it. You can see that article here. 

On Twitch people can “subscribe” to their favorite streamers for $6 USD per month. Half of this goes directly to the streamer.

Ninja, Twitch’s most popular streamer is streaming to 56,000 viewers, young and old. Now that number may not seem overwhelming but its important to recognize that he will sustain that number of viewers across the course of a 16 hour stream, 6 days a week. Ninja has had over 401 million unique viewers of his channel. Again, the season finale of Game Of Throne’s was watched by only 16 million people which should bring some perspective.


Amazed yet? You should be, but that’s not all. Here is one of his “average” YouTube uploads  at the time of writing it had amassed 2,400,000 views. Yes TWO POINT FOUR MILLION views and it was only uploaded 7 days ago, they usually average between 2 and 5 million views. That’s more than the population of Brisbane and he will upload 5 – 7 more videos a week.  That’s just one streamer. Imagine what the numbers look like when we start to spread the net a little wider. Remember he’s paid to do this. Television networks dream of this sort of consumption.

If you’re curious about his income you can see an article on it here.  To save you the link click, it was well in excess of $10 million USD last year.

I think all of this is just amazing.

Do you want some of the action?


Its relevant for two reasons. The first is that today, there is a world where you can make a living playing video games. The world has moved on and there is generation’s that consume media in a completely different manner to what we did, even 5 years ago.

The second reason is related to what we do with digital advertising and marketing. don can promote your brand on digital advertising platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


In 2018 it was accessible and affordable to almost everyone.

But lets consider for a moment what will start to happen in the near future as advertising giants such as Coca Cola and McDonald’s start to come online. McDonald’s alone boasts a 2 Billion dollar advertising budget and Cocoa Cola has more at $3.9 billion. Macca’s announced over a year ago that they were reviewing how it was spent. See the article here . Online is one of their main targets.

Do you think Digital Advertising will be as accessible in the future when all of these massive players come online? Probably not. It’s likely that things will go the way they did with television advertising. Un-affordable and available to only a select few.

So maybe this is the year we let the kids play some games?

More importantly, this needs to be the year you talk seriously to someone about getting your brand out there while you still can. It’s time to look at digital advertising and digital marketing while it’s still within your grasp.

Remember, life on earth has never been as good as it is today so take your opportunity’s before they pass you by.

This is the Digital Revolution. You are living in it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.



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