CBD Oil information for New Zealand

Well, we did it. We did exactly what we tell our clients NOT to do. 

DO NOT start a blog and then abandon it. I guess we didn’t abandon it, but we certainly haven’t published the raft of content we have in the background. So I guess insert additional excuse here and move on.

Create a blog and abandon it is exactly what our latest client James is not doing. We met James at a recent event and listened to his story over a beer or three. It resonated with our own experience, and so we agreed to give him a hand to get his message out there.

What’s his story you ask?

Well, you have no doubt heard it before as today it’s all too common. Anxiety. Subtle or crippling we have all experienced it to some degree at one time or another. For some of us we haven’t found it to be an issue yet. For others, it governs their lives. 

So, James’ story

Normal enough kiwi. On the surface a great life, but underneath, emotional and mental turmoil. The story isn’t gripping, it’s not crazy, and unfortunately it’s quite common. 

So, what’s James doing that is different. 

Well, James used CBD Oil to battle his anxiety. From what he has said it wasn’t the only factor but it was enough of a factor/catalyst that he went down the rabbit hole and came back with A LOT of information. 

James has decided to share his findings with the world in the hope of education the world on the benefits of using this cannabis based oil. 

Check his out here at https://aboutcbd.co.nz/ and see if there anything in there that resonates with you.

And if you like the idea of a personal blog site then give us a call. We would be happy to help you tell your story.