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Google NZ

You’re getting googled

In this case I’m not talking about Googling your website or getting found online. I’m talking about YOU! Ever wondered how those pesky ads show up? You know the ones. The ad’s that knew you wanted a holiday, home loan or a flea treatment for your pet before you did. Well-read on and I will …

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The SEO Trap

The SEO Specialist trap If you run your own, or someone else’s business then there is a very good chance you have received that email. In fact, you probably  get them every day. You know the one’s, they go something like this; Hello Dear, I have reivwed your website and I can provide a report …

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WP Elevation

Thanks to WP Elevation

A huge thank you to our friends and colleagues at WP Elevation for the mention in their recent article “Turn your service into a product”. It was a ballsy move to make a hobby our income. Troy and his team are part of the reason Grant and I had the confidence to start don in …

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Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution

THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION Its 2019 and you’re still complaining about these kids playing video games. Maybe I can help. As a parent I was once where you are. We have all said it or heard it “YOU’LL NEVER GET A JOB PLAYING VIDEO GAMES”. While this may have been somewhat true 10 years ago, today …

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Web Design Blog Auckland

The Don Creative Resolution

Over the next wee while this is where I will be sharing some of my thoughts and stories. So what better place to start than how we don creative came to be. Last year we (Grant and I) decided we would give don the respect it deserves and make it happen. It took Seven years …

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